Springs Preserve

Springs Preserve near Las Vegas downtown is a unique place of natural beauty, culture, and history. Established in 2006, the Springs Preserve was created to celebrate Las Vegas' rich cultural heritage while preserving the desert environment around it. It contains 180 acres of incredible desert landscape, with botanical gardens, walking trails, museum galleries, and historic sites. The Springs Preserve is also home to spectacular wildlife, such as roadrunners, birds, and rabbits, that can be seen from its many nature paths and trails.

Bird Watching

The Springs Preserve is an excellent place to go bird-watching. Many species of birds can be seen in the Preserve, including roadrunners, quail, woodpeckers, sparrows, etc. With over 180 acres of natural habitat surrounding Las Vegas, the chances of spotting these creatures during your visit are very high. Additionally, if you want to get close to some of these avian friends while they're eating or nesting in their natural setting, there are several observation towers throughout the park where you can sit and watch them in their natural habitat.


If you're looking for a good walk or hike while visiting the Springs Preserve, there are plenty of trails and paths. Whether looking for a short stroll or an all-day adventure, the Springs Preserve has something for every hiker. The Nature Trail is an excellent option to explore the beautiful desert surroundings while learning about some of the plants and wildlife that call it home. Other trails offer spectacular views from high above the city and mountainside. With over 3 miles of trails throughout the park, visitors can enjoy breathtaking views and trek through natural wonders like cacti and other desert flora.


The Springs Preserve also serves as an educational resource for its visitors. You will learn about Las Vegas' cultural and natural history through interactive exhibits, lectures, and docent-led tours. Additionally, the facility provides various educational programs for children, such as "Desert Kids" and "Nature Crafts & Games." These unique experiences are designed to introduce youngsters to the wonders of nature while encouraging them to explore the environment around them.


The Springs Preserve is also home to annual special events, including festivals and art shows. You can enjoy the lively atmosphere and experience Las Vegas's culture during these occasions. Additionally, many musical performances in and around The Springs Preserve during these occasions make it a great place to have fun with family or friends!