Rainbow Family Park

Rainbow Family Park in the Las Vegas, Nevada area is a vibrant and multi-faceted family-friendly destination. It was designed by a group of local architects and engineers to provide families with a space that is both relaxed and fun for all.

The park started opening to the public in 2020 and has been popular among families, fitness enthusiasts, and nature lovers ever since. It is 26 acres in size and features baseball and soccer fields in addition to other amenities.


Rainbow Family Park is a paradise for kids. It features a state-of-the-art playground and swing set with bright, colorful slides, and climbers. The play area also has plenty of seating for adults and shaded areas to enjoy the view while waiting for their children.

An interactive splash pad where children can cool off while playing is also available.

Fitness Court

The park boasts a fitness court, with gymnastics rings and pull-up bars providing many ways for people to stay active. There are even agility ladders and basketball courts for individuals who want to improve their skills in the sport. A walking path winding through the park is available if you want a more relaxing atmosphere.

Sports Field

As mentioned, Rainbow Family Park features two sports fields: one for baseball and one for soccer. It has an excellent grass field, complete with regulation-sized bases and lines. The soccer field is also set up to be regulation-sized, with a scoreboard and lighting for night games.

Horseshoe Pit

A horseshoe pit is available if you're seeking a game in the park. The horseshoe pits are perfect for casual family games or intense competition between friends. It's also a great spot to sit and relax, as there are plenty of benches around the horseshoe court to kick back and enjoy the scenery.

Picnic Area

Rainbow Family Park also features a large picnic area with numerous tables, grills, and benches. There are shaded areas where you can sit and enjoy a meal or snack while the kids play.

You may bring cooked food or purchase food from the concession stand. For a more exciting picnic, you can grill your food and enjoy the fresh air with friends and family.

Special Events

Many residents book this place for special occasions, including weddings, birthday parties, and family reunions. Multiple pavilions can be rented for large events or gatherings. Also, the scenic views and tranquil atmosphere make Rainbow Family Park the perfect place for a wedding ceremony, with colorful flowers blooming all around. Plus, the weather in Las Vegas is ideal for outdoor celebrations all year long.

If you belong to a non-profit organization or groups of local charities, they offer special discounts on event rentals.