Orleans Arena

Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada is a world-class entertainment venue at the forefront of hosting events since 2003. It was designed by the renowned architectural firm Ellerbe Becket as an indoor arena with a capacity of 7,471. This massive structure is part of The Orleans Hotel and Casino complex, which offers many amenities to its guests, including restaurants, hotel rooms, and gaming.

Over the years, Orleans Arena has become an integral part of Las Vegas culture, playing host to some of the city's biggest and most popular events.

The Interior

The interior of Orleans Arena is designed with a warm, inviting atmosphere perfect for guests of all ages. The arena features 10,000 seats, including 2,000 on the floor and 8,000 on the balcony. It also has an LED display system that can show instant replays and other visuals during events. The arena also boasts two permanent stage platforms to accommodate any size of production and event requirements. Overall, Orleans Arena combines modern technology with classic design to provide an unforgettable experience for every guest.

Athletic Events

Orleans Arena is a premier venue for athletic events such as basketball games and boxing matches. As home to the UNLV men's basketball program since 2003, the arena has seen many exciting games played on its court. It also hosts numerous other athletic events, such as boxing matches, UFC fights, and professional wrestling. With a capacity of up to 12,000 people depending on the event, Orleans Arena is one of the largest arenas in Las Vegas and perfect for hosting large-scale sports tournaments.

Concerts and Special Events

Orleans Arena also serves as a great venue for concerts and special events throughout the year. From international tour stops to special performances from local artists, all shows are unique at Orleans Arena. Depending on the event configuration, the venue can accommodate up to 10,500 guests. So whether it's an intimate event or a full house, Orleans Arena can meet the needs of any artist or promoter. Additionally, Orleans Arena is equipped with an overhead lighting system that creates a unique atmosphere and enhances each live performance.

Dining and Entertainment

In addition to hosting events and concerts, Orleans Arena offers various dining and entertainment options. Guests can enjoy pre-show meals or snacks at onsite restaurants, such as Papa John's Pizza, Lola's Mexican Cuisine, and Haagen Das Cafe. The venue also has several bars that offer a wide selection of beers, cocktails, and other beverages. Finally, Orleans Arena provides free Wi-Fi for guests who want to stay connected while attending events.

Overall, Orleans Arena is more than just an incredible entertainment destination. It's a Las Vegas staple that continues to bring world-class events and experiences to Nevada residents and tourists alike. Everything is bigger and better at Orleans Arena, from sporting events to music performances. With its dynamic atmosphere and cutting-edge technology, it's no wonder why Orleans Arena is one of the most popular venues in Las Vegas.